About Us

Stacy Guess

Stacy is a graduate of North Jackson High School. She continued her education at Northeast Alabama Community College where she earned an Associate’s degree in Medical Office Administration.

Stacy is married to Joey Guess, and they have two daughters, Isabel and Abby. Their pet family includes a dog named Mr. Buddy Rascal and a cat named Nubz. Additionally, their family raises registered Hampshire hogs.

Melissa Beavers

Melissa is a graduate of North Jackson High School. She has attended both Northeast Alabama Community College and Jefferson Community College.

Melissa shares her home with her husband Keith and her son Rylan. Their pet family includes two dogs, Smoke and Huck, one cat named Boogie, and five horses.


Dr. Elliott brought Chief home in November of 2011 so that he could serve as a cattle dog to help work farm calls. He went from being too small to get in the truck to being too big to get in the truck overnight! He lost his job as a farm call dog after he ate a $200 check while he was waiting in the truck for Dr. Elliott. Needless to say, that was the end of Chief’s career as a cattle dog. He is now 9 years old and his primary job at the clinic is Official Greeter. He also serves as a blood donor through which he has saved numerous lives over the years.


Sister came to us in February of 2019 as a rescue cat who was saved from living a scary life in a local restaurant parking lot. We brought her to the clinic with the intention of finding her a good home. After just a few days, however, she won the hearts of Dr. Elliott and the staff, and now she thinks she runs the clinic. She greets every animal that comes in the door, whether large or small. She has proven to be a mischievous but entertaining addition to the clinic staff.