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Large Animal

Mud Creek Veterinary Services provides reliable veterinary care to large animal pet owners in Hollywood, Stevenson, Bridgeport, and Scottsboro, Alabama. We offer routine preventative care, diagnosis and treatment of sick animals, along with a variety of veterinary medical and surgical procedures. We are equipped with a large animal facility that allows Dr. Elliott to perform diagnostic procedures such as x-rays and ultrasounds as well as some surgeries.

Dr. Elliott supplies health care for large animals and ruminants including horses, cattle, sheep and goats. He conducts annual basic health exams, vaccinations, and blood testing. In addition to attending animals that are unwell due to sickness or disease, he also provides wound care and treats lame or injured horses. Dr. Elliott assists with pregnancy and problem births, and offers equine and cattle reproductive services. Our expert veterinarian also performs large animal surgeries such as castration. We prefer performing castrations at our large animal facility, however our doctor will conduct this surgery on-site if necessary.

If you live in Northeast Alabama or Southeast Tennessee, and you need to schedule a farm visit for your livestock, please call the office today.